My name is Tom Joyner and I created Logik originally to produce 3D printed accessories fo myself when I was kart racing internationally. Having studied design and technology alongside my kart racing career I decided to create 3D printing accessories for my own chassis as they were strong, light and the designs are not restricted by the manufacturing process. This enabled me to produce quick release fittings for fuel lines and water systems. Also being a passionate cyclist, I also made parts for myself and friend to neatly fit extra's like Computers & Lights. With the idea to keep everything integrated with as few extra brackets as possible.

Logik E-Shop

At Logik we produce a range of Karting & Cycling Accessories which we have here in our E-Shop which are available in a great range of colours.

3D Printing Service

We also offer a 3D printing service, which can be anything from producing a  idea that you have down on paper or just straight forward production of a 3D model or STL file you have produced already.
We have a range of materials including super strong Carbon filled filaments that allow us to create extremely strong products at massively reduced costs when compared to traditional set up costs of Carbon Fibre and Plastics manufacture.